Interim 2014 CIF Operations Plan

The 2014 document is approved by the CIF Committee and MIPC as an interim plan

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CIF Funding Process

Find out how to complete a successful CIF project from start to finish.

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Ontario Recycler Workshop - Wednesday, November 26

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CIF Funded Projects
As CIF-funded projects are completed, we post new project reports for your review. Have you checked these resources lately?

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CIF Resources & Tools That Save Time & Help Municipalities Meet Best Practices

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Need to Order Blue Boxes, Carts or Bags?

Use the CIF Joint Purchasing opportunity to order containers cost-effectively.
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Interim 2014 CIF Operations Plan

The Interim 2014 CIF Operations Plan describes key priorities for project funding and other activities.
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CIF was created to help Ontario municipalities undertake
best practices initiatives to improve the effectiveness and
efficiency of blue box recycling programs.

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